Whitewings Dove Release Policies

Payments & Deposits:  Gulfwinds accepts cash, bank or postal money orders, cashiers and personal checks.  A non refundable deposit of 100.00 will reserve your release date. Your deposit must be accompanied by your release reservation form. Any balance due must be received 2 weeks prior to your release date. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Any release booked 2 weeks prior to the release date will require payment in full along with the return of our booking form. We do not book any dates by phone.

 Directions and Custom Releases:Since no two weddings or brides are alike we can customize your release. We want to give you exactly what you want and you have choices.  We must receive complete and accurate  directions to your release site. Do not assume  that we are familiar with your release site.Feel free to use the back of our booking form to add any additional information we might need. It is your responsibility to inform your wedding coordinator, photographer and event venue that you are releasing doves. 

Cancellations & Delays:Gulfwinds reserves the right to cancel a release at any time for the safety of our flock. Release times are any day of the week from sunrise to late afternoon. Our Birds can not fly at night!  Events that may lead to a cancellation include but are not limited to, inclement weather, Acts of God, loss of flock or release delays due to the event. Gulfwinds will contact the responsible party before leaving the loft if inclement weather is expected. If you choose to have Gulfwinds arrive at your site and the weather does not clear you forfeit your deposit amount. Display at reception is offered in lieu of release.

General Information:Gulfwinds is committed to making your White Dove Release a memorable event. We will arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled release time. We dress in appropriate clothing for your event. Our birds are identified by numbered bands issued by the American Racing Union and  we follow all their rules and regulations regarding bird releases. We do not ship birds for self release. We fly only trained healthy birds. Hand releases are only scheduled if the Bride and Groom agree to visit our loft and be trained on how to handle our birds.We are not responsible for any soiled clothing  or decorations related to the release of our birds. They are animal athletes and accidents may occur.

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