Saying goodbye to a loved one is one of the most difficult challenges we all must face. Doves are a symbol of peace, tranquility, and faith. Releasing a single dove or a trinity of doves at a grave site or church ceremony can provide a sense of peace and closure to the family as the spirit of the loved one soars off to a new horizon. 

Serenity Release: One white dove released by a family member or our handler from a custom made cage. This release symbolizes the setting free your loved one’s spirit to ascend to the heavens.  

Trinity Release: Three white doves released from a heart shaped basket to represent The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Trinity doves will fly off as if Angels had arrived to escort the loved one to Heaven. Includes silk flower display.
Spirit Dove Release:One white Spirit dove is released from a heart shaped basket to be joined by three white Trinity Doves released from a second heart shaped basket. Together they will circle and fly off together as the spirit is carried off to heaven. Includes silk flower display.   

Funeral Hour Release:  The white Spirit Dove is delivered and displayed  in an open cage at the head of the casket inside the church or chapel for all attending to see. Three Trinity Doves are displayed in an open cage at the foot of the casket. Once the mass or service is completed theSpirit dove is moved to graveside along with the Trinity Doves for release at the end of the Benediction Ceremony. Includes display ferns and silk flowers which match your chosen colors.

Heavenly Flight: Twelve doves released representing Angels ascending toward the sky. Together they circle to make the long journey home.  Includes display ferns and silk flowers.
We can customize any release to fit your needs. We traditionally read a poem prior to the memorial release. We can release at any memorial, church, chapel, crematorium or grave side service providing the facility allows for a dove release.     

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